Employment and Skills Innovation Services

Market Development

Commissioner of Government funding? Find out how we can help you to deliver innovation in your market.

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Market Entry

Aspiring Employment or Skills provider? Find out how we can help you to successfully enter the market.

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Market Growth

Existing Employment or Skills provider? Find out how we can help you to achieve growth through innovation.

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Why we do what we do

When and where the Employment and Skills market works well, it is a key enabler in supporting economic growth and prosperity, as well as a driving force in achieving greater social and economic inclusion. Things that we think are important. Factors such as;

  • the ever changing dynamics of the Labour Market
  • fast-paced technology and service innovations
  • changes in Government policy

mean that the Employment and Skills market must be agile, responsive and able to deliver programmes and services that have a clearly demonstrable economic value.

Employment and Skills Innovation Services was born from the strong and simple belief that the Employment and Skills market could and should be better.

  • Better for individuals accessing programmes and services
  • Better for employers accessing services for their current and future workforce
  • Better for the economy, through the Employment and Skills market delivering a greater return for every pound invested by government, business and individuals

We believe that innovation is central to realising these improvements, which is why we’ve created Employment and Skills Innovation Services. EaSI.

How we make a difference

We offer a range of innovation services to Commissioners, existing Employment and Skills Providers and organisations aspiring to deliver Employment and Skills services. Through our Market Development, Market Entry and Market Growth offers we;

  • support commissioners of government funded programmes to address market failures and capitalise upon opportunities to enhance the economic contribution of the Employment and Skills market
  • support aspiring Employment and Skills providers to develop the required capabilities to successfully enter the market with a compelling and innovative proposition, aligned to the priorities of commissioners
  • support existing Employment and Skills providers to enhance their proposition to commissioners and key stakeholders, through strategic alignment, innovation and development

Our unique blend of experience and deep expertise in:

  • Industry,
  • the Public Sector,
  • Government funding and the
  • Employment and Skills Market

places us in an unrivalled position to engage with and understand the requirements of our customer. Our ability to translate requirements into easy to understand, practical solutions is the key to unlocking innovation and driving success.

We deliver services both directly and through a range of 'best in class' partners. As with most successful businesses, we continuously innovate, develop and refresh our offer through listening to what our customers need. So if you don't find what you need, tell us and we'll help you to find the solution you're looking for. EaSI.

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David Gallagher

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Petrina Lynn

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