EaSI Cluster

Employment and Skills Innovation Cluster

The Employment and Skills Innovation Cluster is a group of like minded organisations and individuals brought together by the strong and simple belief that the Employment and Skills market should be better. 

At EaSI Services we believe that no single organisation is perfectly placed to meet every need of their customer's. Therefore we work with a range of 'best in class' partners to ensure that we can support our customers no matter what their requirements.

EaSI Cluster is a selection of the best organisations from across the sector providing support products and services to Employment and Skills organisations.  Our partners are selected based on our view that they are the best placed organisation to meet a particular set of needs.

Each of our partner organisations is unique in what they bring to EaSI Cluster, offering a range of innovative products and services to the market, all with a focus on driving innovation and improved performance.

Cluster organisations

We decided that we’d had enough time trying to ‘think outside the box’ and thought it would be better use of our time to put our best ideas and partners in a box instead!

In each box you’ll find EaSI Cluster partners who offer an exciting range of products and services that can help bring innovation and success to your offer in Employment and Skills.

Feel free to look through the EaSI Cluster and start a conversation with us to find out how we can help. EaSI.

PS. Ask most innovators and they’ll tell you that their best ideas usually started with a conversation.

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