Market Development

Supporting commissioners of government funded programmes to address market failures and capitalise upon opportunities to enhance the economic contribution of the Employment and Skills market

Market Development

When and where the Employment and Skills market works well, it can be a key enabler in supporting economic growth and prosperity, as well as a driving force in achieving greater social and economic inclusion.

Factors such as:

  • the ever changing dynamics of the Labour Market
  • fast-paced technology and service innovations
  • changes in Government policy

mean that the Employment and Skills market must be agile, responsive and able to deliver programmes and services that have a clearly demonstrable economic value. Commissioners play a crucial role in ensuring that ‘Supply’ from Employment and Skills providers and ‘Demand’ from employers is continuously aligned through strategically engaging and developing the market.

Developments and key changes in policy and funding areas, such as:

  • Employer Ownership of Skills
  • Industrial Partnerships
  • Vocational Training/Apprenticeship Reform, including Apprenticeship Trailblazers
  • Emergence of Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Emergence of Combined Authorities
  • Devolvement of Employment and Skills funding

have brought about an opportunity for commissioners of government funding for Employment and Skills to think differently about how the achieve the greatest possible return for every pound they invest. We believe that innovation is central to capitalising upon this opportunity, which is why we’ve created Employment and Skills Innovation Services. EaSI.

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