Market Entry

Supporting aspiring Employment and Skills providers to develop the required capabilities to successfully enter the market with a compelling and innovative proposition, aligned to the priorities of commissioners

Market Entry

The Employment and Skills market is changing fast and presenting significant new challenges and new opportunities. These changes require new perspectives, new models and new approaches, which undoubtedly creates opportunities for new entrants.

Our Market Entry Services can help our customers to successfully enter the market through a variety of routes, including;

  • Acquisition
  • Contract wins
  • Organic growth
  • Partnerships/Sub-contracting

Successful entry into the market is not just about writing a strong bid, or buying an existing Employment and Skills business. Positioning, relationships, market credibility and establishing your ‘different and better’ are all critical factors in achieving long-term success. Which is why EaSI Market Entry Services are focussed on supporting our customers in every aspect of what they'll need to successfully win, AND deliver when they do.

Through our Market Entry Services we support a range of organisations, including;

  • Employers – to take greater ownership
  • Trade Associations and other Employer Bodies
  • Housing Associations
  • New business start-ups

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